Mouhcine Ayouch

EMB has been driven by a passion for building for over 48 years. The quality, diversity of our achievements and our human dimension are the differences we are proud of. They strengthen the bonds with our customers and nourish a responsible and demanding company spirit. Each project is an adventure and a challenge taken up and achieved by a united and qualified team.

With its experience and history in the realization of sites as diverse as they are complex, EMB has continued to grow, both in terms of staff and turnover. Our company is distinguished by the high level of competence, motivation and autonomy of its men and women who make its strength.

By combining its longevity, its multidisciplinary team, its high-performance equipment, its reactivity, its reputation and its rigor, EMB offers its clients and partners the best conditions to achieve highly competitive levels of performance, whatever the complexity of the projects.

Building, consolidating and innovating every day is the project that drives the men and women of EMB.